How do I bumble? FB coordination edition
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I decided to try Bumble, but I wasn't sure whether it would be posting things to my Facebook, or drawing unwanted information into my dating profile. So I created a fake facebook with a fake name to try it out. Now I can't undo that. Use fake FB profile or undo it somehow?

The first thing I noticed was that my facebook profile's first name was going to be displayed front-and-center on my Bumble profile. I wasn't expecting that; after seeing that I wondered if it would seem sketchy to others to find that my actual first name wasn't the same was Bumble showed it to be.

So I thought, okay, I will try Bumble with my actual real personal facebook account. But now, any time I try to start using the Bumble app on iOS (10.1.1), it will only use the fake account that I created just to try out Bumble.

* How can I clear all the Bumble data and start afresh with my actual FB account? I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, which said it would delete all of the app's data, but when I reinstalled it, my fake account data was still there.

* How bad is it to use Bumble with a fake name? I'm assuming that most people on Bumble expect a person with such-and-such a name on their Bumble profile to actually go by that name in real life.

* Any other thoughts on how to use Bumble as a complete newbie? I'm pretty experienced with OkCupid. How do Bumble profiles compare to OkCupid profiles when it comes to depth of information and style?
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I don't know how to wipe your profile, but as to Bumble itself, it's closer to Tinder than OKC. When I used it, every woman my age was a CEO or something, which made it seem like the only people on there were friends of the company or something, 42 year old VC-adjacent retirees. I deleted it when they popped up a notification on my phone about the election or some non-dating crap like that.
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All of my 20something co-workers use bumble (in Boston) and reportedly love it much more than Tinder. Try deleting the app from your phone and reinstalling?
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Great you literally said you tried that. There usually is a log-out option in apps like this though hidden.
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In case other advice doesn't work: are there file explorer apps for ios? I know that on android apps can store their data in a few different folders, some of which are not deleted automatically when you uninstall. You might be able to use a file manager/explorer to look for any user-deletable bumble folders left behind. There might also possibly be an option in the settings menu to clear out bumble's data and cache (after reinstallation).
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Have you tried deleting the false FB account and reinstalling Bumble?
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Delete your Bumble account (in the settings menu), uninstall app, start fresh.
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You can deauthorize Bumble as an app from the fake Facebook account. The next time you launch Bumble, it will ask you to re-authorize and you can change the associated Facebook account.
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