Liquor for Tuaca lover
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I have an aunt that loves Tuaca. I'd like to get her a present that is a bottle of liquor she'll love that she may not be familiar with. She'll drink just about anything, but her preferred cocktail is straight up Tuaca on the rocks. Anyone know of anything interesting or obscure that might be awesome?
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She might like feni (also spelled fenny)
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Licor 43? Perhaps a bit too sweet to serve on the rocks without cutting it a little, but in the same domain.

Averna is one of the sweeter variants of Italian amaro, and it's got a lot of orange and caramel as well as herby-spiciness.
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Seconding 43 - I think of the two of them as much alike but distinct enough to stock both.

Maybe one of the Chartreuses if you want something substantially different while still being spicey, though those can be very hit or miss depending on the person's taste.
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Galliano and Licor 42 are in the same ballpark. Similar but different. I would not recommend an amaro or Chartreuse.
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If she likes Tuaca straight, maybe she'd like the "little beer" shot that's made up of Licor 43 in a skinny shot glass with a topping of heavy cream? It's sweet but really delicious.
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Gran Gala is very similar. It'll also hit the orange and brandy notes that Tuaca does.

It doesn't have vanilla in it, but it has a much clearer orange flavor than Tuaca.
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Luxardo Angioletto? Maybe a Crema di Limoncello?
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How about Amaretto? It's all about the almond flavor, rather than citrus/vanilla, but it might be a similar type of experience. You can drink it on the rocks, or make an Amaretto Sour. For extra adventure, add a bit of egg white to the sour.
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I like your aunt. I don't know where you are but if you are where Watershed distributes, you might take a look at Watershed Nocino. It is delicious and elegant.
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Thanks for the wonderful suggestions everyone! I'm going to go with the Nocino... While I can't find Watershed here, I did find a local distillery that does a slightly tweaked Nocino from locally harvested black walnuts (Wood Hat's Black Walnut Liqueur) ... And, if it's no good, she can make a cake with it. ;-)
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