In search of beautiful alphabet books . . .
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I collect alphabet books and would like to add some new books to my collection. Any recommendations?

I collect ABC books and have about 50 in my collection. I love alphabet books with gorgeous illustrations and/or illustrations containing hidden puzzles, ABCs found in nature, ABC books that also inform on a particular subject--or a combination of all of these! Some of my favorites are Animalia, The Butterfly Alphabet, Pigs From A to Z, and Ashanti to Zulu. In short, I love ABC books that go beyond the basic "A is for apple" format.
It's been quite awhile since I've added any books to my collection. Please recommend ABC books that are beautifully illustrated and/or mind-stretching in some way! Current and out-of print titles are both welcomed.
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A Railway ABC by Jack Townsend
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My mom recently got Dahlov Ipcar's Maine Alphabet for my daughter, and it is lovely. Ipcar is a Maine illustrator with a striking and beautiful style.

She also has Farmyard Alphabet and Wild Animal Alphabet.
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English-Canadian artist Ted Harrison's A Northern Alphabet, one of his many love letters to the Yukon. You can see some interior pages here.

Aboriginal Australian artist Warren Brim's ABC Dreaming. Some gorgeous interior images here.
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Elementarz is beautifully illustrated! It's more of a reader but it does begin with the (Polish) alphabet.
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ABC3D is a sophisticated pop up work of art by MARION BATAILLE. It is also the winner of the Meggendorffer Prize, an award which goes to the best paper engineering of the year.

I own a copy as part of my pop-up book collection. While I allow myself to rip apart most of my books to learn more about the paper engineering, this is one book that is truly too beautiful to break apart.
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Rad American Women A-Z
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The Z was Zapped by Chris Van Allsburg.
Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth and Stephen Gammell (assuming you like Gammell's illustration style).
LMNO Peas by Keith Baker.
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Not beautiful, but funny: ABC U Later
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I sure love The Gashlycrumb Tinies.
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Perhaps The Ultimate Alphabet by Mike Wilks would appeal? I consider it both beautiful and mindstretching. A is for... all sorts of things... and it's up to you to make the list! There are 26 complex, intricate, colourful paintings, each with tens to hundreds of things starting with the letter in question. You can lose yourself in it for days.
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On Market Street, Alphabet City, and Jambo Means Hello.
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ABC of Canada
M is for Moose
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My two favorite alphabet books that we have are Alphablock and Once Upon an Alphabet
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I'm a fan of ABECEDERIA by Blexbolex.
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I like Gorey's The Chinese Obelisks for alphabet stories.
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Bit different maybe than what you're looking for, but I love this.
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I enjoy Rhea Ewing's Love Letters.
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A B See by Elizabeth Doyle. Beautifully illustrated and cleverly written.
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A Fabulous Fair Alphabet Book by Deborah Frasier.
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If you like Midcentury Modern, I just came across A Is For Atom while browsing at Powell's yesterday.

A Is For Activist is another good one that I've seen.
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Anno's Alphabet is lovely.
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A couple of old-school curiosities: editions of Johann David Steingruber’s Architectonisches Alphabet (MeFi post) and Antonio Basoli’s Alfabeto Pittorico were published by Ravensburger in Germany in the late ’90s, edited by Joseph Kiermeier-Debre & Fritz Franz Vogel, with copies of both findable on abebooks.

Alphabet-related, but not a straight ABC: Julian Rothenstein & Mel Gooding’s A2Z and More Signs.
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This volume has Erte's alphabet, plus four bonus collection.
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Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert is wonderful. Get it in big.
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If you want other languages, I grew up on Halfdans ABC with illustrations by Ib Spang Olsen. It's in Danish.
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Neil Gaiman's Dangerous Alphabet
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Charley Harper's ABCs is gorgeous and wonderful.
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Audacious Alphabet.
Disclosure, author is a friend.
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Late to this, but Robert Sabuda's pop-up (paper engineering?) work has always impressed me, and he has a Christmas Alphabet book.
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