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How can I download all attachments to an email sent to my Gmail account without them (necessarily) being downloaded as a zip file?

I have a feeling there isn't a solution for this one, but anyway, here goes.

I frequently have to download multiple attachments sent to my Gmail account. Sometimes there are dozens of attachments, in which case Gmail's zip function is quite useful. At other times there are two or three jpegs. In the latter case, I either waste time downloading them individually, or waste time downloading all and then unzipping them, deriving no benefit from further compression.

Is there a way (eg through settings or a Firefox add-on) to either disable the automatic compression, OR to make it optional? An option to 'download uncompressed' would be ideal.

I am not interested in changing how I use Gmail (open in a browser tab). If that's the only way then I'll put up with the minor, frequent irritation.

I use Firefox on Windows 7.
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Does right-clicking -> Save Link As... might make life easier?
(Wait, no. nevermind.)
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An extension certainly could be coded to do this, perhaps search the FF extension library?
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An extension certainly could be coded to do this, perhaps search the FF extension library?

I have not found any that obviously deals with attachments, though I might be missing features buried at the end of the descriptions. I'll check deeper, though, thanks.
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The only way I know how to do this involves another step and I don't know if it actually saves you any time. I use a download manager called DownThemAll. You can right-click on an email and then go through a dialog box and pick out the attachments from all the download options and it will download them singly as individual files. However, I don't think this will solve a problem since the URLs for attachments are stuff like this.

and you'd have to pick them out of a list of twenty or thirty other things. So it does do the stated thing (downloads them without zipping) but introduces another step which is a hassle. Would it solve a problem for you if the archive automatically unzipped so you just had a folder on the desktop?
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I use the zip file manager 7-Zip, so for me it's a quick two-step process: Download the zip file, then right-click the file and choose 7-Zip > Extract Here. It creates a folder containing each of the attachments.
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Sorry, I meant "... 7-Zip > Extract to [dir name]".
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