I've got the E-Lectric Throw... and it's dirty.
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Does anyone have an electric blanket/throw? How do you wash it?

My cat's been sleeping on my electric throw (like an electric heating blanket, but a smaller throw blanket for when I'm on my couch) since last winter. Now that's it's getting chilly again, I'd like it back, but there's cat hair all over it and it definitely smells... catty. (Note: the cat has not peed on the blanket. Thankfully.)

I'd just throw it in the wash, but it's got all of the wires and heating stuff inside of it. And a male plug end attached. I'd prefer it still work after I've washed it. Do any of you have a similar throw (or a whole blanket)? How do you wash them?

Thanks in advance!
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If it's like mine (fleece, detachable cord but male end sewn into blanket, wires crisscrossing under the surface), you can totally wash it. Put it on cold water, and if you machine dry use the lowest setting. Had to do it for dog hair issues and after several washes there're no issues with its electrification. I did this based on the instructions on the tag, FYI, not experimentation.
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I have an electric blanket from Target that has wires running inside and a plug for the cable on the end. The tag says it's washable so I have washed it after removing the cable from the plug. No problems so far.
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I was nervous about damaging mine, so I washed it by hand in the bathtub. Worked fine!
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Like HoteDoge, my electric blanket is fleece, etc., and I've washed it many, many times over the last three or four years. So far, it works just fine.

I wash mine in a normal washing machine, standard cycle, but I don't dry it. I hang it from the shower rod (carefully) to dry.
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All of mine (most from Target) are fine after many washes. The tags all say to air dry, so I do.
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Thanks, everyone! I guess I tore off my tag, and I maybe overthink things a bit....
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I have an electric mattress cover and it specifically says to machine wash cold, let it soak for a bit and then wash on the delicate cycle, then line dry (no tumbling! It is very specific about that). It's come through several seasons (one wash per season when putting into storage) and still works fine.
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