What is the best news podcast
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Hello MeFites, I am looking for a world news podcast that I would be able to listen to while commuting, I have been listening to BBC World News which is 30 minutes, twice a day, but I have no interest for the miscellaneous stories such as ballet dancing or the renovation of the Queen's palace. I would like to find a podcast with the following characteristics:

- Less than 30 minutes, 20 minutes is ideal
- Daily or twice a day editions
- World news with no focus on a specific country or region
- No minor or unimportant stories
- Journalists or experts providing background information on the news story
- In English

Thank you for your help!
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Harry Shearer's Le Show
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Since the Bugle slowed down, I've picked up The Monocle Daily world news podcast based in the U.K. Though it's about an hour long and not comedic, the hosts are smart and get some sly zingers in and it tends to cover important world news with only a little bit of puffery. There is also an attendant constellation of Monocle podcasts if you want to branch out into other topics.
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