Is replacing the fan on a convection oven a DIY project?
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Is replacing the fan on a convection oven a DIY project? The fan on my Viking electric oven made a bunch of noise then started smoking, so I'm guessing that's what failed. Is replacing it a doable project for someone with moderate electrical skills? And is it something I should try to tackle this weekend, before Thanksgiving? (I can cook w/o convection in the meanwhile.)

A free online video of the procedure would be helpful, too.
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I have never replaced a fan on an oven but I have replaced fans on refrigerators, laser printers, and computers. In almost all cases, once the cover was off, there were four screws holding the fan on and a quick connect for the electrical connection.

I bet if you pulled the stove out and removed the back you'd be able to see the fan is easily replaced.

You do want to make sure you have the correct part, or course.

That said, I probably wouldn't try to do this before Thanksgiving if you need your oven.
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Never try to fix anything in your oven before Thanksgiving. It will be essentially impossible to get any professional applicance repair person on the phone, let alone to your residence, the week before. I have diagnosed a short within my oven and replaced the wiring, possibly a foolhardy thing to do, and I would have to force myself to resist replacing the fan. Because it is a simple process. But what if you screw it up?
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I recently replaced the igniter on our gas oven. But don't do it before Thanksgiving.
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youtube is your hero, does not look like a tough project. Have a heavy stable dish close to put any screws. Take a picture of anything confusing prior to removing it, actually snap pictures constantly, so much better to check if a part can "fit" more than one way.
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yeah, just look up a youtube and make sure you turn the power off
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You might look carefully at the fan, and see if it is just in need of a good cleaning.
Also if it looks like the source of melting was an external agent, the fan you will replace may just die again the same way.
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It *might be possible*, with a video and a diagram at the ready.

However, we just left an apartment with all Viking appliances and discovered that pretty much every single part they use is bespoke and not interchangeable with what you might be able to pick up at a big box hardware store, or even an appliance repair shop.

To get parts for our Viking appliances, we had to go through Viking or order them special from Viking-only suppliers. This was not only stupidly expensive, it took forever.

So don't count on the fan being something you'll be able to replace soon, regardless of how easy it may be to swap it out for a new one.
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