How to Access Google Photos on Windows 10 File Explorer?
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I want to be able to access Google Photos on Drive as a local folder, but I don't want to download / sync my photos on my new Windows computer. Any ideas how to do this?

I just purchased a new Windows computer after using Chrome OS for several years. I can't figure out how to easily access cloud storage from Windows' file explorer and the Drive application.

For example, as a typical use case, I'd like to add a photo to Facebook from Google Photos. On Chrome OS, I can easily navigate to Google Photos.

On Windows, while I have installed Drive, I can't, using Windows File Explorer, navigate to Google Photos from Drive.

One reason is because I have *disabled* sync in Drive on Windows except for one small folder. I don't want to download all of my Google Drive files, including Google Photos, onto this machine.

Is there any way, using the Drive app for Windows, to be able to "see" Google Photos from File Explorer?

I also have OneDrive installed, and can access my Photo Roll, but most of my photos are in Google Photos.

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There's a third party site that gives you WebDAV access, which would allow you to use File Explorer. However, you're giving an unknown third party access to your Google Account, which seems like a really bad idea. I think Google's solution here is sync. You can selectively sync folders.
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You can selectively sync folders.

Is there any select Google Photos and *not* download all of my Google Photos? Similar to IMAP on email?

Otherwise I will probably just use Photo Roll in One Drive.
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You know, I don't use the app, so I'm not sure. I read that it syncs specific folders, so maybe experiment with adding Albums to Google Photos and see if you can sync specific Albums? That way you can keep a subset and not all of them.
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Google Photos seems to organize folders according to month and year. Creating a folder in Google Photos seems to just tag the photos; no actual folder that Windows can recognize is created.
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There's a "Client for Google Photos" app in the windows store. I've linked the free version, but there is a paid one as well.

I have not used it, cannot vouch for it, but it seems to do what you want. If you do choose to go that route, I'd be interested to know if it works or not.
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