Games like Uncharted... and Rachet and Clank?
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Pretty much what it says on the tin. My dad enjoys both Rachet and Clank and the Uncharted series, but he's pretty much caught up with both of them. I'm looking for similar games with a similar mix of adventure/puzzle solving/etc on the Playstation 4 - further criteria below the fold.

I think he probably enjoys:

- The relatively straightforward control schemes
- The linear narrative of both games - he doesn't seem to like, say, Fallout as much.
- The... lightheartedness of both? Or, at the very least, the fact that they're pretty far from the grimdark end of the spectrum.
- Finally, I don't know if he'd enjoy things that are significantly more violent than Uncharted is.

Thanks, all.
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I haven't played, but a lot of reviews say the new Tomb Raider is rather close to the Uncharted series. (which I LOVE).

Depending on how much he likes fantasy, I also suggest the latest Final Fantasy. This game is a bit different, though, as it involves magic, healing potions, etc. As well as flashbacks and overlapping timelines and stories.
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As much as I wanted to recommend Tomb Raider, I found it to be MUCH more brutal than Uncharted. Very up-close-and-personal violence. The Order: 1886 and Bioshock Infinite are good linear shooters, but may be borderline on the violence as well.

They're quite bit older, but he'd probably enjoy Beyond Good & Evil, and maybe some of the Prince of Persia games. Journey is story-light and short, but lovely and simple.
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I enjoy both of those series and I also really enjoyed the two recent Tomb Raider games.
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The Assassin's Creed games are more open-world than Uncharted but still fairly linear-- side missions are short, and generally unnecessary to further the story.
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Seconding Beyond Good & Evil; it's a great fit for those criteria (and a great game overall, though I haven't played the HD re-release that came out for PS4 this year.)

There are a few adventure games available for PS4 as well, like Grim Fandango, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle, Broken Age, etc. Those might not have enough action for him, but would be heavy on the lighthearted/narrative/puzzle fronts.

I like controls on the PS4 version of Don't Starve much better than the PC version; it might be worth a go. The narrative's pretty sparse, but I enjoy working against all the forces trying to kill me until I die, again, and start yet another game. Definitely lighthearted, except for all the dying a whole lot because I'm terrible at it.
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I think Tomb Raider is worth a shot despite it not being a slam dunk with the caveats specialagentwebb brought up. It's only $18.00 new on Amazon for PS4. I dunno that it's much more brutal than Uncharted (you have to kill sooo many people in Uncharted) but it's certainly darker with less humor to lighten the mood. Gameplay is very similar with some Metroidvania elements so it's not quite as linear as Uncharted. But it's still pretty linear especially compared to Fallout.
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The Last of Us is by the same makers as Uncharted, and plays very similar. Linear story where you fight your way through a 20-year-post-zombie-apocolypse-world. A little stealth, some shooting, some funny & heartfelt story bits, and a bit of environmental puzzle solving. An excellent game. The remastered version for ps4 is good.
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The previous Tomb Raider is a very good game. Can't go wrong with The Last of Us either though it is darker. Both can be bought cheap.
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