An work of art a day keeps the doctor away, so help me find them.
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Is there a Twitter feed that posts a variety of works of art regularly? I'm trying to inspire myself to be more artistic, and a part of these efforts is to expose myself to art that I might not see otherwise. I'm on Twitter on and off throughout the day, so I thought that a Twitter feed that posts images of works of art would be helpful. I'm particularly interested in modern art, collages and mixed media. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Rabih Alameddine does this. He's posting a lot of poetry right now but usually posts several images a day.
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It's not twitter, but Colossal updates pretty regularly (seems like at least once a day) with new stuff.
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archillect is a image bot that crawls the internet and posts "interesting" things. It has a twitter feed.

I also follow FFD8FFDB which claims to take screenshots of internet connected webcams and posts them with some sort of filter.
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@70sscifiart is pretty nifty.
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Olga Tuleninova posts 1-5 paintings/artworks per day. Most of them are lesser-known works by celebrated painters, or works from less well-known painters, but there are occasionally more contemporary pieces.

Click through the Twitter accounts she occasionally retweets. THere are hundreds, if not thousands, of Twitter feeds like this.
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I follow Stephen Ellecock on Facebook. He's an extraordinary curator. Perhaps he has a Twitter feed.
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@ello Also highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter.
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I LOVE @womensart1.

Not quite art art art, but @Eccentric Archive RTs a lot of interesting stuff throughout the day.

@GRAD_London tweets a lot of Russian & Soviet art and is generally enormously interesting.
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I'm a fan of the East London Group account. If you follow them they'll eventually send you a picture! Mine was of a lighthouse. They also have a strangely reassuring ritual of posting the same painting every Sunday morning (Sunday Morning, Farringdon Road by Cecil Osborne from 1929).
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You're on Facebook right? Look for the public page of "Stephen Ellcock" and follow that. You won't regret it.
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@TheGraffHunter - a huge range of street art in L.A. Updated daily.
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Charley Parker runs the Lines and Colors blog, which I've always quite liked. He notes updates on his Twitter account.
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Julian Merrow-Smith's daily paintings and auction is so wonderful to receive every day.
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Do you use Chrome? The Google Art Project extension makes each new tab you open display a work of art.
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