Help me remember the name of this break up related country love song
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I heard it on country radio some time between 2008 and 2011, I think it was on a lot back then. It's sung by a man in first person, about reluctantly going on a date despite still being depressed about a past breakup, and having his world brought back to life by the new woman during the course of the evening.

I'm in the situation myself and it'd be nice to hear the song again. Thank you.
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Was it upbeat or slow?
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Damn, close, but not the Garth Brooks song.

It's a slow song.
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Not exactly the narrative but George Strait had two ballad hits that were close to this. One was "The Chair," written by Dean Dillon and the great Hank Cochran, and the other, written by Dickey Lee, Johnny Russell and Tommy Rocco (this is real country, songwriters matter) was a beautiful waltz called "Let's Fall to Pieces Together."

Both were 80s hits, but massive ones that became standards and would have still been on country radio in some places in the early 2000s.

The trope is a fairly common one in honky-tonk music, albeit the succor is usually temporary and focused on forgetting the old love rather than finding new love.
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I found the song! Here I Am, by Blake Shelton.
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