I'm hideous. Volumizing product needed
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I want a volumizing product that I can reapply everyday because it won't harden and kink up overnight, or which will magically help me retain kink-less volume after one application until I wash it out. Ideas?

Because I can get away with it and because I straight iron my hair, I wash it maybe once a week. My hair is thick but have a couple of small lady bald spots on the crown of my scalp that has made me lose volume over the past couple of years.
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I use a straightening product (or a curling product) on my hair before I wash it, and dry shampoo for all subsequent days, even when my hair isn't greasy. It doesn't really "build up" too bad, and it gives me volume at the crown. Maybe you've tried this already!
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Hard to say without knowing more details about your hair type/style but I have thickish, shoulder-length, mostly straight, lightly layered hair and use this Tresemme Thermal Creations Volumising Mousse when I do my initial wash-style for the week (say, Sunday night). The initial volume from that is very good (and not sticky or stiff), and then a daily freshen-up using this Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish AND their Pret-a-Powder usually keeps my hair looking pretty good and bouncy till Thursday or so. Hair products are hard so your mileage will almost certainly vary....I've just tried a lot and this is a combo that seems to work particularly well for me.
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Please try volumising/texturising hair powders. They are amazing and perfect for what you want to do. They will fluff up your hair where you apply it and brush out pretty cleanly in between.

My hair is naturally more fluffy on one side and I use powder to balance out the other side.

They can make your hair feel dry if you already have dry hair but it's just the grippy-ness, its not actually ruining your hair. I have used the Kevin Murphy $40 one and several of the cheap supermarket ones and my favourite is the Schwarzkopf and the Fudge cheap ones that are about $7. The ones made for "men" have more grip so a bit more control and staying power in my experience, but they have a miscellaneous "men's" toiletries smell. It fades fades after application but still, you smell like what marketing thinks mens armpits should smell like for a while.

The more expensive ones have a finer powder but for my heavy hair it doesn't hold for long.
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Save up for one of these little texturizing irons from Sam Villa. I use it for the exact same thing. Sam Villa has an awesome vid on his site to explain how to use it. You section off a layer on the top of your head. On the next layer, you texturize a few smaller sections vertically and hit them with whatever hairspray you like. Pull the sectioned layer of hair over the texturized ones. Boom! Instant volume that last...well, I can only get away with 2 days, 3 days if I'm pushing my luck. In the morning or to go out, I just run my fingers through the texturized area gently and "push" it back up.

There are a few knock-offs now of the Sam Villa version. Don't know how well they work as I've had ">this iron for a few years.
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Great suggestions. Thanks, everyone!
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Bumble & Bumble's products are great. In addition to Dryspun Finish, I use their Thickening Spray when I blow dry. It's potent, so I typically only use it at the crown. You can buy a small tavel size at Sephora to try it out before splurging for a big bottle. (Same with Dryspun Finish I think.)
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