Light-hearted but knowledgeable news podcasts, no politics allowed
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I'm looking for some great podcasts about news and current events. The twist: ZERO POLITICS ALLOWED. Do these exist?

My tender little soul can't take the toxicity of political discourse anymore, right or left. Life is too short to have anger blasted in my ears during my commute.

So what I'm looking for is a few podcasts where generally upbeat but knowledgeable people discuss current events, as long as the discussion is free of politics, victimhood, anger, fear, smugness, or smarm. My ideal mix would be about 50℅ shooting the shit, 30% informed analysis, and 20℅ allsorts.

Help me stay informed without my soul turning to coal!
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I guess I don't understand how a chatty news podcast can be free of any politics? I mean, I immediately thought of Code Switch as a podcast that discusses current events and is not specifically focused on like, Democrats vs Republicans, but... not really understanding how a news podcast can be free of politics?
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What about straight news? Like CBC's As It Happens? It's basically 100% interviews about current affairs.
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It's basically 100% interviews about current affairs.

As well as some of the most godawful puns known to man.
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What about science news podcasts, like BBC Discovery or Quirks and Quarks (CBC)?
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Trends Like These is real fun.
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This is a bit of a zig-zag to what you're looking for, but it might work for your stated goals!

CBC's The Current is a daily news programme that posts its segments in separate chunks (& titles them quite informatively), so that you can just skip topics you can't handle at the moment and listen to the rest. Aside from news, The Current does a lot of interviewing with experts on interesting topics in science, social science, books, communities, etc. It's been a good way for me to stay in touch with the world while still staying sane.
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The BBC's From Our Own Correspondent is very good, although they will often do stories about the US from a British perspective. But it's mostly slightly whimsical stories read by the various correspondents the BBC has around the world. It's not a chat, but Kate Adie introduces each item and I find it often raises a wry smile.
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BBC Scotland's "Breaking the News" very funny. BBC's "Now Show", and when it comes back in a few weeks, try BBC's "Newsjack". All are available through BBC Radioplayer world wide:

All spend some time on American stuff, especially since the "election".
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