Tall men of America! Where do you get your sweatpants?
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I'm looking for sweatpants to fit a teenager with a waist of 32" or 34" and an inseam of more than 34". The pants have to have an elastic waistband and generally be comfortable (i.e. no jeans or khakis). Where can these be found? Specific items and links, please, not general advice like "Old Navy has a tall section."
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I'm 6'5" and wear a 36x36 pant. Old Navy does, indeed, have a tall section that works. I've gotten XL tall joggers from them that fit pretty well. They're not quite as long as I would like, but then again, the style is not for pants like that to be super super long these days anyway.

If you really need the length, you could experiment with a slim-fit XXL tall jogger or sweatpant, which does exist (or at least did last time I looked).
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For the tall women reading (or perhaps your male teenager): I once got black flared yogapants at Sports Basement - size 31x36.
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Swami Sportswear will custom make them, starting at $24 a pair. Choose your colour, length, pockets or not, etc.
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LL Bean has tall sizes and in the past their sweats were nice quality.
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These Uniqlo sweatpants fit this tall person pretty well!
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What's your inseam, beepbeepboopboop? In my own experience (I am tall but not as tall as my son) Uniqlo's been on the small size.

LL Bean's "tall" has a 32" inseam, Old Navy's is 33", unless there's some secret "no really we say tall and we mean it" section of their sites I'm missing.
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Lululemon men's pants tall inseam is 37" and regular inseam is 34". Their pants in general tend to err on the side of way too long because they offer free hemming in-store.
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My inseam is about 34"- my preference is for not super long pants though, so YMMV
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Old Navy doesn't just have one size of inseam for sweatpants. The XL tall really will fit.
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Have you actually *tried* the OldNavy/LLBean sweats to determine if they are, indeed, too short? I ask because sweats/loungepants are generally worn looser & lower than jeans/khakis, and a pair of sweats with a 34" inseam (distance from crotch to hem) can be the same length as a pair of 36" inseam trousers.

SonR (32x34) found that TekGear trackpants and Croft&Barrow lounge pants from Kohl's are too long for him in the regular sizes. (He wore trackpants to school for a few years. He does not own nor desire sweats.)
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King Size Direct.

Cheaper than a local big and tall store but quality is lower as well. It's a trade-off
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also DXL is ok for some stuff.
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I'm 6'5" with a 34-inch inseam. Try JCPenney. I don't have any of their sweatpants, but I've had great luck with their shirts.
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