What type of plant is this?
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Originally saw these plants on Fox’s Son of Zorn (pretty good show with lots of potential). Looks like asparagus or bamboo. Link.
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They look like horsetails to me.
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What episode is that from?
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A Google image search for 'horsetail screen' seems to throw up a lot of things that look similar, so that's where my vote goes.
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Certainly horsetails.
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Thanks! We love the look-unusual for our area so we're going to give it a try. Not sure which episode this pic was from but it's been included in at least two that I noticed.
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It can spread everywhere, best planted in a container or some other root containment system. Also, don't compost the trimmings unless you want your compost heap to be replaced by horsetail mountain. It's a living fossil for good reason.
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Horsetail spreads rapidly and can resprout from the tiniest pieces of root. It is highly resistant to chemical weedkiller. I second the suggestion to plant it in a container, but if you plant it in a container with drainage holes that is set directly on dirt, it will spread.

Source: I spent a lot of chore time as a kid working on horsetail in the Pacific Northwest.
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I also want to throw in a warning about how invasive horsetail is. Please plant it in a container. In addition, if you're doing a lot of pruning, thinning, or touching it, wear gloves; the plant is covered with silica (aka, glass), which can scrape your hands up pretty badly.
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