Best playground in Toledo? (and Youngstown, and Somerset, etc.)
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I'm driving from Chicago to Washington, DC with my family for Thanksgiving. What great places are there to stop (relatively quickly) along the way that would appeal to a squirmy two-year-old?

Looking especially for stops that can be enjoyed throughly in 30-60 minutes. Good municipal playgrounds are ideal, as are anything outside. We're planning to break this into two days with a stop overnight in Youngstown, but if li'l ndg falls asleep at an opportune time we might just push on through.

Also interested in local Roadfood-y alternatives to chain restaurants. I found Schmucker's in Toledo but that's all I got.
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If you're coming through Cumberland MD, they have a nice downtown.
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Oak Openings or Side Cut are both nice parks in Toledo near the Turnpike.
If the weather is bad you could go to Sky Zone trampoline park (not sure, maybe 2 is too young?)

I don't know if I have a better food recommendation than Schmuckers, Toledo has tons of good restaurants but it depends on what you like.
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On the PA turnpike, exit 28, and 5-10 minutes will put you at Cranberry Township's Community Park
(111 Ernie Mashuda Dr, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066)

Pic here: Cranberry Township Community Park Playground

It has a large area that is perfect for a 2 year old.

Also, that exit for the turnpike is between tolls, so you don't pay anything to get on or off. There are lots of chain restaurants (sorry) there as well.
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