What Happened to the Toasties' Twitters?
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What happened with Mallory Ortberg's and Nicole Cliffe's Twitter accounts?

After the unpleasant events of last week, I needed to take a break from Twitter (and the internet and media in general). Now that I've checked back in, I noticed something weird with the Twitter accounts of the two The Toast co-founders, Mallory Ortberg (@mallelis) and Nicole Cliffe (@Nicole_Cliffe). Mallory Ortberg's account appears to have deleted all tweets after May 12 (and no new tweets posted) and Nicole Cliffe's account only shows 159 tweets (basically only going back to the early this week). Does anyone know what happened here?

Yes, I suppose I could just tweet at them and ask but I always find it a bit odd/rude to be tweeting questions at (semi-)famous people on the internet and I'd rather exhaust other avenues before resorting to that.
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They both are deleting tweets older than a certain age. I think two weeks, but won't swear to it. For the usual reasons prominent women online do this sort of thing.
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I believe they're using Tweet Delete or similar. Nicole mentioned deleting old Tweets, but of course I can't find that Tweet because...
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Yes, Tweet Delete.
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Thanks, everyone. You're all probably right.

I guess I'll have to do with just the picture of Sansa in Nicole's header now.
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