Recovering old-ish files from a current hard drive
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I have some files in common formats - .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc. - on my hard drive. They were created around 2010. I can no longer open them, but I'd like to. Over time, the files have been migrated between both Mac and PC laptops (at work, hence the mix), and at least one of these (the PC) crashed and had to be recovered.

I've tried things such as 'Recover Text From Any File' in Word. I get multiple pages full of random symbols. I've also tried several free online text recovery services, but nothing. Any suggestions will, as always, be gratefully received! Thank you.
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btw, I currently have a MacBook Pro, with El Capitan 10.11.6.
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A year or so ago, I bought Scrivener, which is software for managing writing projects; novelists love it. A side benefit I didn't expect was that it was able to open almost anything, including files more than a decade old that I thought would never be readable again.
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Just a couple thoughts:
#1 - have you tried opening the doc and xls files in Libre Office? I just successfully opened a 1998 .doc file and a 2005 .xls file in Libre Writer and Calc respectively. It might be worth it just as an experiment (?).
#2 - there are an amazing number of command line utilities in Linux for doing things to pdf files. For instance see this link which explains how to extract the text from a PDF.
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I always had great luck with Dataviz products and their Conversions Plus software. I haven't used it in a couple of years, but it could convert any format to any format.
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forthright: I tried Libre Office, unfortunately it produces the same random symbols. Looking into updating my Scrivener licence ...
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Orlop: Actually Scrivener produces garbage as well :( But thanks for the suggestions.
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So I think this is a case of corrupted files. And I need to try and get around that, for instance by somehow getting the files repaired ...
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You could try running DiskWarrior on the drive.
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