I sticks m legy out real far
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I'm looking for the source of my current favorite meme, "sticks m legy out real far".

For the record, Google has officially failed me, but it may be because it intersects with the "razzle dazzle cat" ?? .

I would like to know when this meme first appeared/if it is an actual meme. Right now other members of my household demand actual documentation that this a real meme and not just me latching on to an amusing picture (or other legy animal pictures) that I'm combining into an amusing meme of my own.

origin: I may have commented that members of household perhaps stick their legy out while they sleep and they countered that it's not a thing, not even a nascent internet thing, but I'm not THAT weird with my internet usage, how did I come across this?
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I don't have anything helpful re: origins, but it's definitely not limited to legy animals.
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it's not on encyclopedia dramatica so it's not (currently) part of the meme canon. you could consult the experts on the meme economy to see if there is any chance of developing your (nascent) meme.
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If you google for the quote then you get a bunch of results back. Earliest dated result I could find without doing serious digging has been August 21st, 2015. It references another post that's just dated as "a year ago" (gah, why do sites do that?) Anyways, yeah, it's a meme though I do wonder if the quote itself is a reference to something.
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I am on mobile and can't link correctly right now but I think this may be related to some of RubyETC's work on Instagram and Tumblr
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YES, if this is related to RubyETC that would make the most sense. (I'm huge fan of hers!)
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you can ask her on twitter, she is very nice about answering random weird question about her work.
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Did someone add it to know your meme just for me? If so, thank you!

side note, Rubyetc's wonderful creations with ridiculous legs, such as magical edith and glamour paul deserve an honorable mention, but do not appear to have anything to do with legy meme
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