What's a good a yoga teacher training program in NYC?
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I'm a Pilates instructor looking for yoga teacher training program recommendations in NYC.

I primarily practice Ashtanga yoga, but am not going to be officially authorized anytime soon, so I just want to get a solid yoga teacher training that will cover history, asanas, and teaching technique for injured persons and special cases. I'm really not very into the spiritual side of things, so while I understand that a teacher training may still discuss the spiritual aspect, I'd really prefer a program that doesn't focus on that. I'm a Pilates instructor, so I'm just looking for a really solid yoga education with as little talk of chakras and energy as possible.

Any suggestions are welcome and first-hand experience would be wonderful. I'm currently considering Jared McCann's Lighthouse Yoga School, so if you have any insight on this program, I'd much appreciate it.
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Have you been to Lyon's Den? I have no idea where they're located in the city, but I have friends that teach there, and the studio is affiliated with Baptiste Power Vinyasa, a style that is inspired in part by ashtanga (specifically, the primary series). Baptiste Yoga aims to be accesible, so not a ton of dogma or religious stuff and poses are not called in sanscrit, but self-inquiry is a tenet of the practice.

Having done an RYT program (I now teach internationally), I HIGHLY recommend you sample a few classes at the studio you're considering before signing up for a program. This may seem obvious but in my program there were a lot of people not well suited for the vibe of the studio nor the style of yoga. I would also suggest you look for a smaller program. My RYT has 50+ people in it — yes, really.
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