My mac's security has gone awry
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In the past week or so, a few aspects of my Mac's security setup have changed without my (knowing) intervention. 1. I've got my Mac set to lock itself after 60 minutes of inactivity. That is no longer happening; 2. Safari is bugging me to enter my password when I launch it.

The thing with Safari seems to be related to the "Local Items" keychain, which is locked even when the "Login" keychain is unlocked; the accepted wisdom is that the fix for this is to trash $HOME/Library/Keychains/[long alphanumeric]. This doesn't fix the problem for me, it just empties out Local Items. Local Items also seems to be the (new?) default location for saving passwords in Safari, rather than Login.

I've also noticed that userscript I've got installed in Safari (using Ninjascript) no longer seems to be functional.

I did recently install the Near Lock app, which lets you lock/unlock the Mac based on iPhone proximity. This seems like it could be implicated. But the problem persists even when it's not running. I wrote to the author to express my concerns—no response.

Nuke-and-pave is an option, though I'd prefer to avoid it. ClamXAV returns no problems.
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Update: after running almost every cleaning and maintenance function in Onyx, Local Items does unlock with Login, and I don't get nagged about entering my password when launching Safari.
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In case anyone ever finds this thread: I never solved the problem. Went with the nuke-and-pave option.
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Def rebuild from the ground up. And consider staying away from weird third party apps that live deep in your system--I suspect one of those is your undoing.
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