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Some time in the first two seasons of Brooklyn 99, the character Jake explains to the character Amy what sex is (as a joke. It's a sitcom). I remember pausing the show and saying to my co-parent, 'Geez, that is actually a really good explanation of what sex is, I should remember that for talking to the kids.' I forgot it and I can't find the quote online. Anyone else remember it?

It was something along the lines of 'sex is when 2 grown-ups who like each other take their clothes off and make each other feel good'. Needless to say googling 'what is sex brooklyn99' brings up a lot of interesting results.

ps - 'a lot of interest results is the title of your sex tape!'
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Is it:
"Sex is something that two adults do with their bodies when they're attracted to each other."

Found it going through these scripts, searching for "sex".
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