Wheeeeeeere's Johnny?
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In 1977, Harvard's Hasty Pudding named Johnny Carson their Man of the Year, and hosted him on campus for a night as part of the ceremony. While there, Carson spoke in front of cameras, and made a remark about how much the award meant to him... because it had been ages since he had last had sex in a college dorm. It may have been while he was having breakfast the next morning. I know it's on video. I've seen it. But I can't find the clip. Can you?
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This Google search page (scroll down) indicates that the clip may have been part of a 1979 interview with Mike Wallace on CBS Sixty Minutes II, called The Private Side of Johnny Carson. All I can find is a CBS teaser for the interview, not the full interview itself.
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Here's another hit. I haven't viewed the whole thing yet.
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The "other hit" is on Rolling Stone's website. Your clip is at about 6:40 in Part 2 of the interview there.
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That's it - thanks!
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For anyone else curious, link to the joke in video.
More important than that I want to think the club for letting me and my wife stay in the Master's residence last night at Eliot House. You really don't know what that means. It's the first time I've scored with a chick on a college campus since 1949.
The joke kills.
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