Dog for a day?
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Does anyone know of any places near Portland, OR where you can just play with or hike with a dog for a day? Like this program they have on Kauai: Shelter Dogs On Field Trips.

I'm not in a place where I can adopt a dog right now but feel that I need some doggie snuggles after last weeks shitty events. I know about Purringtons and I do love those kitties but I think it would do wonders for me to just be able to spend a day hiking around or spending time with with a friendly doggie. Sorry if this sounds selfish...I'm just trying to cope in ways I know work for me, and animals always bring me joy. Thanks for your help. I've googled the local shelters and such, and none of them seemed to have any programs like this. It's possible I just need to make more friends with dog owners but figured maybe you guys might be able to help first.
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Perhaps you can advertise your services on, and explain you are willing to walk someone's dog and give them plenty of love and care for cheap or free.
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Or walk someone's dog who is elderly or in the hospital. That could be wonderful!
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Best answer: Maybe you saw this already- OHS likes for every shelter dog to get walked twice a day by volunteers. You don't get to actually borrow the dog, though, you stay on the nature path on their property. Across the river in Washougal, WCGS also uses volunteer dog walkers- it's another industrial/natural area, so it would probably be a nice area to walk. This is a smaller shelter, so once they get to know you, they might be more open to you designing your own dog walk plan. (I have visited their cat shelter for snuggle purposes ("socializing the cats") in the past, but haven't worked with their dogs.) The downside is that some shelter dogs are up for adoption because they're difficult to handle in one way or another- they might not always be good at snuggling or walking.
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Does your neighborhood have a Facebook group or listserve or something? Maybe post something there. As a dog-owner, I'd be excited about this!
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You could find your local off-leash park and just go and hang out, and pet the doggies there!
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Best answer: There's an app called Bark N Borrow just for this kinda thing! I used it in Minneapolis to "Borrow" a dog for a day. Eventually I became a sitter for them, but it was really fun!
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Yeah, the dog park I used to take our pooch to in Portland had a couple dog-gawkers. Not so much at our current haunt...I just know that at some parks that is like, a thing. It's totally fine, and I've made a few acquaintances that way.
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Best answer: You can come play with my dog. He isn't getting the exercise he needs because I have been physically ill. He loves people, loves to play with people and his toys. He is not dog park material. Extra points if you are male. He really loves men.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the ideas, you guys are the best.
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