Will I regain the weight I lost too quickly?
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Dr. Google suggests I may be losing weight due to a thyroid issue. If they fix the problem, will I regain the weight I lost?

I was about 20 pounds overweight pre-pregnancy. During my pregnancy, a combination of loss of appetite in the early stage due to morning sickness and then forced better habits of the diet and exercise front due to gestational diabetes meant that I gained less than 20 pounds during the pregnancy.

I am now almost a month postpartum and as of this morning, I'm 15 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. Dr. Google suggests this may signal a thyroid issue. I'm seeing my OB for my post-birth follow up and will be asking to get this checked. I expect that any attempts to fix this will halt the weight loss and that's fine. What I'm wondering is if there is any way to maintain the weight loss now that it's happened. Is regaining this weight inevitable, or can I continue the healthy diet and exercise habits and view these extra lost pounds as a gift from the gods?
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Sorry- clarifying question: Are you breastfeeding? If you changed your eating and exercise habits during pregnancy and you're continuing them, this weight loss might just be the result of increased caloric use from breastfeeding.
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Bottle feeding, that's what makes this so baffling :-)
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IANAD, but as someone who has been both hyper and hypo thyroid I can tell you that the symptoms are more than just weight gain and loss (I wish), plus there are different causes. So it seems to me that it's premature to focus on long term weight questions prior to the results of tests. If you wish to read up on the topic I found this site helpful with regard to symptoms and the meaning of T3, T4 and TSH.
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Not a doctor, but had the same experience after my first child. By two months postpartum I was 20 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and generally stayed there until I got pregnant again.

I was baffled at the time (still in that post-baby fog), but reflecting now - I put a lot of effort into eating well and increasing my activity level during pregnancy in a way I never had before. The habits continued post-baby (mostly), but I think I effectively "lost" weight during pregnancy without realizing. Could it be that you're doing the same?

I definitely don't want to discourage you from getting checked out, but this also seems in the range of normal based on my experience.
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Please get checked out ASAP. That kind of weight loss can also be a symptom of type 2 diabetes, which you are now at higher risk for. You can pick up a glucometer at a drugstore and do a couple finger sticks at home to test your blood sugar levels pretty cheaply.
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