Finding Delicious Asian Crackers Again
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My friend bought these cheesy, buttery, sweet sandwich crackers from a local Asian supermarket (I think Ranch 99?), but I can’t seem to find them. Description inside.

The crackers came in a box, but inside the box they were individually wrapped with 2 crackers per wrapper. The crackers were sandwich style, with 2 crackers around a strange filling. The crackers were very strongly and sharply cheese flavored. The filling tasted like a slab of butter. However, the entire thing was quite sweet. I know that description doesn't sound great, but they really are delicious. I don’t have the box or the wrappers, as I am an idiot. Does anyone recognize these and know what they are called or where I can find them again?
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It doesn't exactly match the description, but maybe SkyFlakes Condensata?
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Response by poster: Not either of those, sorry. The second one looks similar, but in reverse. The crackers are cheese flavored, but the filling is white and tastes just like butter or margarine.
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Was it these?
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These? They've got the white filling you're talking about.

Do you remember if the crackers were round or square?
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These or these?
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Response by poster: Not those either, although the Julie's ones seem close or like they could be a good substitute. They were square (possibly rectangular? Definitely had four 90 degree corners). Heading to a few Asian markets this weekend to see if I can find them.
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