Converting house doorway temporarily into a fortified castle for a party
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So my son is about to be six and he's having a "Castles, Kings and Queens" party (his choice of theme!) at our house at the end of this week. Like him, I too love drawbridges, moats, crenellations, portcullises etc etc.

I wanted to temporarily - probably using plywood - mock up a drawbridge that he could roll up and down to let his friends in as they arrive. I thought it would be fun. I'm fine at building this edifice but not so great at actually designing it. Does anyone have any good ideas for how this could be best achieved? The front of our house looks VERY similar to this (thanks Google Image search!). I guess I have something like this in mind.

Any tips otherwise for the party much appreciated! :-)

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A real working drawbridge would mean constructing a second landing and stairway/ramp in front of your porch, to make a gap to bridge. Even if the gap were small, such as butting the new platform up against the bottom of the existing steps, the kids would still feel the magic of walking over a moat.

Once you have that you need the bridge and some sort of mechanism to pull it up, which will be simpler for a shorter bridge. You could probably just attach rope/chain to the two outer corners, and put a couple of short posts just on the porch side of the hinges, and then pull the roles through anchors on the posts. This should be enough if f the bridge is only 3 or 4 feet long.
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What an awesome idea! You might try searching Houzz or Pinterest for design ideas. I saw this photo on Houzz that might help:
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Drawbridge is a great idea, but I agree with buildmyworld that unless it's raised over space, it's not going to be very effective.

I'd also like to suggest a portcullis, which wouldn't have to be functional, just a decorative piece in the archway. According to the picture of your porch, it's shaped well to do this.

Other suggestions:
DIY medieval torches from cardboard

Make a Coat of arms

cardboard & duct tape swords

Tower picture scene

pipe cleaner and ribbon medieval headresses

pipe cleaner crowns
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