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Which newsletters do you happily pay or donate for?

Of the emails that you do receive, which sites/authors/blogs provide such a great value in the form of regular email newsletters, that you happily pay or donate on a regular basis?

With the rise of paywalled content, I'm realizing that a lot of the great quality content is not open unless you are willing to pay for it. Thus, I want to get an idea of what high quality, high value content is out there that you don't mind parting with your hard earned cash for.

I'm not looking for recommendations of large institutions such as The NYTimes, The Wall Street Journal etc, that charge a monthly subscription fee, but are more along the lines of smaller indie blogs and authors.

Some good examples of such newsletters are: Stratechery's The Daily Update, and Club MacStories.

I'm trying to understand the gulf between the quality and value of free and paywalled content of some popular blogs and websites.

tl;dr - I'm looking for recommendations where you pay (not large institutions/corporations but indie blogs and authors) or donate to receive newsletters.
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There are a lot of smaller, or independent, sources that send out free newsletters that I read. And there are a lot of major publications (NYT, FT, WSJ, WaPo) that send out newsletters because I'm a subscriber. But I have yet to find small providers who charge a fee for subscription-only content that is worth subscribing to, largely because the cost will quickly be in the neighborhood of the major publications, but the breadth and depth of what they provide will never come close.
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This isn't an answer to the precise question you asked, but in the vein of paying for quality content without having to pay many substantial subscription fees to each source you'd like to read: I've been a happy user of Blendle, where you pay on a per-article basis, usually 20-50ยข. And you can get your money back for an article if you weren't satisfied.
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The Information - Silicon Valley-centric tech reporting. $39/mo, $399/yr
Tech.pinions -Tech analysis (vs reporting), more gadget-y focused. $10/mo, $100/yr
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