If I take this gasket out, will my shower fall apart?
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Our one-person shower stall leaks a bit. It has this one-piece rubbery gasket thing along the outside of the glass that doesn't look like it's doing a very good job - maybe it was good when first installed, but now it's coming out from the corners. I want to rip out the gasket and just caulk it, but I'm not sure if the gasket is important for keeping the glass in place. What do you think?
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Did you consider leaving it in and using a silicon adhesive to caulk around the edges of it. (and, is this your house or a rental?)
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From the photo that looks like it's part of the structure holding in the glass.
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My guess is that the gasket is the ONLY thing holding the glass in. I wouldn't remove it.
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It is our house. The reason I wanted to take the gasket out was to clean the area better before applying the caulk - it looks pretty mildewy in places. But if the consensus is the gasket is structural, I'll leave it in.
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It's definitely holding the glass in. In the second picture you can see the ribs that fit into the channel. There's a break in the ribs to make the bend happen.

That said, there's no reason why you can't pull that out and put in new clean stuff. Snip a piece off and take it to a hardware or plumbing supply store to match it up. Look for "glass retaining spline" or "glass retaining gasket".
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