Electoral College Yearbook 2016
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How does one contact the Electoral College if it is a process and not a place?

On December 19th, they may make one of the most important decisions of our time, arguably deserving of an appeal or at least a reminder of why Federalist Paper No. 68 is included on the website for Electoral College resources.

This is not a request for personal information, rather a reliable method to contact the collective body of the Electoral College, or the group of designated electors from each state or political party, should such a method exist.
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I don't believe there is a way to contact all 538 electors en masse. The Republican and Democratic parties in each state select the electors that will represent them, and the electors meet once on December 19 in their state capital. Wikipedia has an incomplete list of 2016 electors.
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I don't know how you would do such a thing reliably besides contacting the individual electors. It's not an institution, there's no Electoral College Secretary or mailing address. Just electors, who change every 4 years.

In any case, despite the ~4m signatures on the petition going 'round, there's little chance of getting even one faithless Republican elector, much less the necessary 38, to flip the election.
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You can't contact all of them at once. You would have to contact the state party of the winning party electors in each state and contact them one at a time.
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I just went through learning about this with my 8th grader studying government.

According to this website potential electors are selected by each party in each state prior to the election. Typically these are people very faithful to their party who see this as a reward for their service. The party of the candidate who wins the most votes in that state has their electors make up their electoral college.

I am sure Republicans everywhere are salivating at the prospect of a Republican President, Senate, and Congress, not to mention the opportunity to replace Justice Scalia with an equally conservative, if not more so, justice. And, if they really get "lucky" there will be more vacancies during Trump's term. I really cannot imagine any of these electors casting a vote for Clinton.
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Just to push back against this: the poster is asking for names, not to be told it won't work.

It probably won't work, I'll admit. But god DAMN, if we have a list, I am going to try, and I hope that I won't be alone.
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They just called NH for Clinton, which means Trump is at 290, so only 20 electors need to flip. Michigan (16 electoral votes) is still yet to be called and it's very close. A couple of Dem electors are calling on Republican electors to flip even if it means flipping to another Republican candidate.
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Here's a list, FWIW.

Three handwritten notes down, another three to go....
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