iPod newbie on Windows XP needs help...
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iPod newbie on Windows XP needs help...

I'm on Windows XP. My hard dive died. Dead. I've lost all my music.
Thankfully, it's all on my iPod, which I got for Christmas. I'm getting a new drive... how do I get the music off the iPod and onto the computer? I don't mind buying an app to do this if it makes it easier and is relatively cheap. In addition, since I'm new to the iPod in general, are there any apps for XP I should also check out?
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The ml_ipod plugin for Winamp will copy music back off an iPod.
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There's stuff you can buy that does this -- or you can just download Ephpod. It's made for this situation. It's free. It does what it's supposed to.
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iLounge Downloads
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IpodRip for Windows.

Previously mentioned here.
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If you allow iTunes to manage the storage of your music then it might just be easiest to open up explorer, change your settings to view hidden files and folders and then copy the contents of the now visible "music" folder on your ipod to your pc. Then use the import folder function in iTunes to put it all back into the application (at which point it will rename the files and put them in the appropriate folder).

Otheriwse the winamp plugin works like a charm. Only downside is that the version I have dumps them into the root of the c: drive, which is slightly annoying.
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I think that the easiest way is to boot up your new computer, plug in the iPod, go to My Computer, then open the iPod drive.

Under this folder: (F:)\iPod_Control\Music

Make sure that you can view hidden files.

Copy all the stuff in the folder onto a folder on your new hard drive called "iPod backup" -- do this every so often.

Here's a link with more details.
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mr_silver has got it right. Don't waste your time with crazy programs. Simply set iTunes to organize your iTunes folder and copy all new files into the library instead of linking them. Then just drag the music folder over and iTunes will do the rest.
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I like Anapod explorer, $30 from Redchair Software. It allows you to copy to and from the iPod, and does an excellent job of managing the songs actually on the device. I believe they also have a free, standalone backup program.

I never really liked iPod management in WinAmp. Between Anapod and iTunes, I've never seen a need for other programs for the iPod under Windows.
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i wouldn't advise you to go near any of those crazy programs, as they can mess with your iPod's database. Just use explorer to copy the songs out, as described above.
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Response by poster: Y'all are kind...I look forward to experimenting with some of these solutions. Thank you!
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