Short films about issues affecting Black people
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I'm a member of the White Coats 4 Black Lives chapter at my medical school. We were thinking of showing the documentary 13th by Ava DuVernay, but at an hour and 40 minutes, it's too long for our purposes. I'm looking for documentaries that address issues Black people face in the United States that are around 45 minutes long. What do you suggest?
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TED Talks are a good length. Here are a few.

Allegories on race and racism by Dr Camara Jones (here's the associated paper)

How to overcome our biases by Verna Myers

This TED Talk playlist of several race-related talks


Rose Brewer's The Color of Wealth is a great book about the US racial wealth divide. Here's an audio-only NPR interview you could play.
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We ended up airing two episodes from the PBS series "Unnatural Causes."
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