Big Bloated Budget Movie or Rom Com with a Twist?
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Looking for an old commercial with a couple trying to decide what type of movie to see, but using generic titles instead of actual movie titles. Can you help?

If anyone can find this for me, I have faith that the MeFi community can. Memories are fuzzy but...

-It was a 30 second commercial about a couple trying to figure out what movie they should see. I want to say they are standing at a movie ticket window, looking at the marquee. They are reading titles to each other and discussing which they want to see.
-What made it unique was that the names of the movies were substituted with generic descriptions of the type of movie they were. One asks the other if they want to see the "big bloated budget movie". The other suggests a "rom com with a twist".
-Most likely early to mid 1990s
-Want to say it was for Turner Classic Movies or the AMC channel

Anyone remember this or know where I can find it?
Thanks so much!
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I seem to remember a similar commercial for netflix, but it was a couple at home sitting on the couch. that's probably not very helpful for you, but just wanted to throw out another data point.
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I remember this ad, and I think it was much more recent than the first half of the 90s--I'd say it was at least in the 21st century. And I think it wasn't for a movie channel, but something like...Fandango?
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