Adding lavender scent to kinetic sand?
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I'd like to add a lavender scent to some kinetic sand for a friend. I was wondering if I could somehow add a scent to store bought batch?

I like the idea of making it from scratch but I don't really have the time and a lot of the videos and tutorials I've seen online seem like they involve a lot of trial and error. Can anyone think of a reason adding some essential oil to premade kinetic sand would ruin it? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to chemistry. Any thoughts, ideas or insights are most welcome.
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It was originally designed to suck up oily liquids per wikipedia, so it should probably work without turning into foul snot. Maybe?
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I'd poke some sprigs of fresh lavender in it, seal it in a container, and leave it for several days, same as if I wanted to make rosemary scented salt or vanilla sugar. The delicate goo structure of kinetic sand doesn't stand up well to added liquids. (At least water, oil idk.)
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If you can't find fresh, you could put dried lavender into a little mesh bag. Squish the buds to release the scent before sticking it in with the sand.
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I would put about five drops of lavender essential oil ($8 for a tiny jar at any health food store) into a disposable plastic container, use your finger wrapped in a scrap of plastic wrap* to spread the oil around to lightly coat the whole interior, and put the sand in it for a couple days with the lid on. It should absorb the scent strongly but not absorb enough of the oil to change the texture.

*the plastic wrap isn't strictly needed but it will protect your finger from smelling like a lavender patch for 3 days
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