Recommendations for restaurants near (but not in) Times Square?
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I'm heading to NYC this weekend with my two sisters to see Hamilton (yay!). I go into the city semi-regularly to see shows but since one daughter is vegan we tend to eat at vegan places so I haven't really looked for any other restaurants. We're staying at the Marriott Marquis since it's so close to the theatre, but I want to avoid the tourist restaurants in Times Square. Walking distance would be preferable. Two of us are vegetarians so vegetarian friendly also. Any suggestions?
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Ooh, Cinnamon Snail.
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8th ave is jammed with restaurants 2 blocks west.
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I also came here to suggest Toloache! Went there b/c we needed to get lunch for a group of 4 convenient to Times Square with a vegetarian in the party; it did not disappoint.
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Thirding Toloache. Everybody seems to be able to find something they like there.

Slightly further walk (but check the menu first to see if the vegetarians are cool with the options): Larb Ubol.
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The Lambs Club

Cafe 123
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The vegan factor is pretty tough. I love larb ubol but I don't think I'd sent a vegan there. We saw hamilton tuesday night and got drinks and snacks at Havana Central which is super conveniently located just down the next block on 47th but reviewing the menu has limited vegetarian options most of which involve cheese.

If your vegans could eat a cheeseless pizza and salad I would recommend Don Antonio by Starita for excellent Neapolitan pizza (I'm pretty certain they offer a "marinara" pie which is just the excellent crust with sauce and garlic.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify I'm looking for vegetarian, not vegan options, so your suggestions could definitely work. The reason I don't have much knowledge of restaurants around Times Square is that we tend to go farther afield for vegan choices when I'm with my vegan daughter. But she's not with us so I'm broadening my horizons. Thank you for all the suggestions so far!
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Definitely consider one of the Ethiopian places near Times Square, either Queen of Sheba or Meske – well known for flexibly feeding all levels of veg folks.
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