How can I find out what companies are in cahoots with Trump?
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I would like to boycott any organizations or companies that have supported Chump and his cronies. How can I find out who has ties to his administration? I'm thinking mostly of large groups (e.g., Anheuser-Busch, Wal-Mart, etc.), but smaller ones welcome too. I'd like to get a massive boycott going to hit them all in their pocketbooks, if possible.
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Sophie1 is keeping a running list on her profile.
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Home depot
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new balance
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Re Violet Hour's link, Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post. Which went pretty damn heavily against T in the last couple of months, yes - but doubt that's going to be able to last. God bless them if they do. Wikipedia has a partial list of other companies he's funded, but it's not clear what ongoing stakes he has in each of them.
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Ivanka Trump's shoe line is Iicensed to Marc Fisher Footware so if you really want to boycott that company, you'd have to include all the Fisher lines as well as the retail outlets that carry any of those lines. And the companies that handle the shipping, the raw materials, etc..
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Pandora, I know: Forbes link.
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Sadly, Yuengling held a campaign event for him at the brewery in PA.
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I've see a call to boycott Random House and Penguin imprints to try to get them to cut ties with him.
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Amazon appears to be in cahoots with him now.

Seriously? That's basically the same message Obama put out. Is Obama in cahoots with Trump, too?
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The google doc shared above seems pretty heavy in Ivanka Trump retailers, but she doesn't actually own the company that makes and sells that line. She has a license deal with G-iii (SEC report here.)
PV-H, the menswear brand, had said that their deal with Donald Trump would not be renewed after 2018. Forbes 2015 story about his brands, etc..
Certainly consumers should spend money with companies they like, based on relevant information, not random online search info.
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PayPal now confirmed as another.

Trump just named Peter Thiel to his transition team, along with Reince Priebus. And most of his family members.
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Is Thiel still associated with PayPal? He's not a current officer or director, and his ~4% holdings were converted to eBay shares when eBay acquired PayPal. Now that PayPal has been spun off, I doubt he has much of a stake if anything.

He does sit on Facebook's board and reportedly owns a small ~3% stake in FB.

Certainly consumers should spend money with companies they like, based on relevant information, not random online search info.

My personal opinion is also that selling Ivanka Trump's line is a bit of a tenuous basis on which to boycott a company. Particularly a company like Amazon, where a large part of its appeal is being a one-stop shop. I've decided to stop supporting Amazon and other Bezos-affiliated companies, not because of the Ivanka Trump clothes but because the tweet was the last straw that finally forced me to confront my growing discomfort with Amazon and its business practices.

I've thought about this a lot over the last few days and decided that my main concern is that too much wealth is being concentrated at the very top. So my approach is going to be to avoid the huge corporate juggernauts as much as possible and instead:

- shop locally owned
- buy secondhand as much as possible
- or buy from independent companies with a demonstrated commitment to ethical manufacture and progressive causes, like Patagonia or Eileen Fisher
- buy less, take care of what I own, and donate more to charitable and political causes seeking to counter Trump's rhetoric and policies
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I have to add that HomeDepot does not endorse/support any candidates. One of the two co-founders, Bernie Markus, is who expressed support for Trump. He retired from the company 14 years ago. Disclaimer: I have worked at many different Home Depots in my time with the company and I don't think I could continue my career there if there were any truth to that.
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Thank you for all of the replies. I am especially happy to have the big companies like Yuengling and New Balance. I will investigate some of the more tenuous links, like the Home Depot boss.
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