Ok, so YSearch doesn't work.... is there anything similar around?
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I paid for a Y-DNA test about 5 years ago. I can't find any site, besides ysearch, (no longer works) which allows me to enter my results and compare to others. Any suggestions? The company I used was DNA Consultants, which gives you the results but has no database of its own which can be used to compare to others.
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Are you looking for genealogical comparison? Family Tree DNA accepts the transfer of some forms of Y-DNA results.
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muddgirl, I am looking for genealogical comparison. I should have specified "free" but $19 is pretty close to free. THANKS!
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GEDmatch is the free dna comparison powerhouse, but unfortunately I don't think they accept Y-DNA right now. Hopefully that changes in the future.
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There are also the Y-DNA projects on Family Tree DNA. I'm not sure if you can join one of the projects if you didn't do your test at FTDNA though. If you do decide to spend more money on further Y-DNA testing, be sure to check out the NGS (Next generation sequencing) tests like FTDNA's "big Y". There is also YFull that helps interpret NGS tests.
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