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Are there any tools available for non-technical people that would enable to scrape owned Twitter content (all the tweets that are attributed to a handle)? I know there are ways for more tech savvy folks to tap into Twitter API, however, is there a service (free or paid) that would enable non tech people to load in a bunch of Twitter URLs and get a spreadsheet of tweets? Your input is very much appreciated!
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SproutSocial might be the tool you're looking for.
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Archive-It from the Internet Archive (nb: I work there) does this but mostly for cultural heritage institutions. This thing used to work and maybe doesn't anymore but you can check with the MeFite who made it. Here's a Quora question with some other suggestions.
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If you mean owned as in you have ownership or access (username/password) to the account in question, you can request your Twitter archive with a button at the bottom of your settings page.

If you don't have login access to the account in question, Sprout Social can't help you. I use it for work and you can pull reports of your tweets but not those of other accounts
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You can do this with Zapier or IFTTT. Probably for free for a small/medium number of owned tweets.

For Zapier, you'd trigger on Twitter (User Tweet - Triggers when a specific user tweets). Then you'd tell Zapier to write the Tweet details into a Google Sheet spreadsheet row (or somewhere else, they have hundreds of integrations).
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Yeah, what does "owned" mean here? If you own(or at least have login access to) the accounts, then request your archive. The tweets themselves are actually in a CSV, which you should be able to load into any spreadsheet program and use/convert as desired.

If you use Google's apps, Martin Hawksey's TAGS might be a good option for you. You'll need to authorize it as a Twitter app, and then it'll handle anything you can express as a Twitter search. So in this case, you'd tell it to fetch "from:mooselini" for example. It has an option to run periodically, if you need it to also archive posts going forward.

(This is subject to API limitations, as will be basically anything else you come across.)
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You should be able to do it with Google Sheets too. I've seen how-tos online, should be findable with Google.
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