Hope me with modern versions of Vegas by Crystal method
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Vegas by Crystal method makes me happy and productive. I need a new album!

This has been my go to amp it up and git 'er done album since ever. I love most of the songs on it. I need a refresh, another album to get me up, moving, and productive.
I love the beats and the interesting samples. I am a classical music fan/artist, so simple repetitive beats without something additional don't really suffice, but exactly why this one hits my sweet spot I don't know. I'm getting old here, so I need some folks to help me find more like it!
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a couple suggestions off the top of my head that fit the bill for energetic/electronic/not repetitive loops

Jon Hopkins - Immunity
Holy Fuck - Congrats
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You could try investigating other artists that were contemporaneous to the Crystal Method and in the same electronica genre such as Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, or the Prodigy. I know you asked for modern music, but it seems you're really just looking for something new to you. Check out this Wikipedia article on Big beat for your explorations.
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Give Orbital a listen, particularly The Middle Of Nowhere and Orbital 2 (aka the Brown Album), which includes "Halcyon + On + On".
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There's not really much in the way of very recent electronic music being made in quite the same style as Vegas, but there's a fair amount of stuff from mid 90s through to late 00s that you should find hits the same spot.

The genre Nu Skool Breaks is another, alongside Big Beat, to investigate. This genre name now cracks me up, seeing as noone's been making it (or at least calling it that) for nigh-on 15 years...

Some quick album recs from a scan of my collection follow; there's a lot more to delve into from most of the below (sometimes under different monikers) if you like these:

Hybrid - I Choose Noise
Propellerheads - Decksanddrumsandrockandroll
Plump DJs - Eargasm
Mood Deluxe - The Tangent Universe
Distinct'ive Breaks (label) - Most of their Y4K Compilations
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Seconding Orbital and, especially, that Propellerheads album.
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