How do I find a former university admissions officer to interview?
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I’d like to interview a public university admissions officer on camera for a documentary project I’m working on. They should be able to speak candidly about the admissions policies and practices that many schools in the US have implemented to cope with funding cuts by the states, such as favoring out-of-state and foreign students who pay full tuition. Someone who is retired or who no longer works in admissions would presumably have more freedom to speak on this subject. How would I go about finding such a person?
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Best answer: Linkedin lets you search by past-not-present employer, and I think you can do it by keyword ("university", "college" etc)
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I think it's a relatively common thing for people working as university admissions consultants to have this sort of background. Some might be very glad to get the publicity, as well.
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I'd go with someone who has already gone on the record, like Ed Boland. Make sure the person hasn't signed an NDA.
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Most states have an admissions counselor organization. For example, here is mine. Someone at such an organization may be able to either provide you with a direct contact or post your request to a listserve.

In my experience, admissions people love to talk about their profession.
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Private high school guidence counselors are frequently former Admissions-side. Also, yeah maybe just email the Admissions Dean at local schools, they may be more candid than you think.
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Are you wanting the quotes just on "the industry," or do you need someone to go on the record and talk about a specific institution?

My thought is that you might be surprised how much even current, working, admissions officers to say, as long as you're not pinning them down about their own employer. I say this because I heard a recent podcast in which college personnel spoke very candidly about overspending in higher ed in general (at least one of them seemed to be currently working at a university).
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I would recommend looking on HARO (Help A Reporter Out) -- I don't know what kinds of sources they have listed in this area, but if you register as a reporter on the site you can post your request for sources and it goes out on a listserv.
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