"Clearing out the swamp" -- or preserving the wetlands?
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Hillary was quick to concede and the media seems very quick to try to make the best of things and move on with President T. Is there any conversation about NOT accepting this outcome?

That is, about demanding a reconsideration of the popular vote vs. the electoral vote, or declaring the voting in polling sites that were sites of intimidation null and void, or making explicit some of the ways this election didn't play by the rules?

I'm looking to be pointed towards emerging movements that are seriously considering refusal of or resistance to the declared outcome. I would like to hear this talk, if it exists, from sources that are connected to mainstream conversations, rather than, say, just a single person blogging from home, those of course these can add up to a conversation too.
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I've seen some noise on Facebook -- mostly courtesy of this New York Post article, but a few other news outlets are discussing it -- about the idea of using faithless electors to reconcile the Electoral College with the popular vote.

However, there's a lot of pessimism around this, and I think it's unlikely to actually happen barring something like Trump being found guilty of fraud, him publicly saying something that immediately proves his unfitness to govern, or maybe something like the Access Hollywood tape but way, way worse. I don't think it's something that would happen independent of a very compelling reason for electors to go rogue.
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More importantly, there is a movement that will award all electors' votes to the winner of the national popular vote, which does not require a constitutional amendment and which would make EVERY vote count equally, rather than letting outcomes be determined by 10 or 11 "battleground" states. California, I am happy to say, has already signed on to this proposal, which takes effect as soon as enough states sign on to equal 270 electoral votes. So far, 165 electoral votes are committed. You can make a difference in your area by lobbying your state legislature to join.


All the information you need is there. Obviously, this doesn't help today. But it is very important that we move more quickly on this. I learned about this some years ago, and I'm frustrated by how slowly it's moving.
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Is there any conversation about NOT accepting this outcome?

#CalExit which is about the Yes California movement.

It would be politically impossible for California to secede, so I interpret this as a movement to vent about what's wrong with (most of) the rest of the country.
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Things didn't go so well the last time a section of the country chose not to accept the result of a presidential election. Wingnuts may move electrons about ineffectually on Twitter, but not accepting a duly-elected president is a couple orders of magnitude more loony than electing this fuckstick in the first place.

Kick him out at the ballot box in four years.
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Don't wait for four years. The House and a third of the Senate are up for election in two years. Cut off his support here, and it limits what he can do after that.
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Response by poster: Kick him out at the ballot box in four years.

With all due respect this question does not ask whether or not to accept this, it rather assumes that much of Trump's damage will be irreversible, that the election was conducted in ways that were ethically and even legally questionable, and asks to be pointed towards conversations that clearly do not concede.
For anyone interested in joining conversations that assume the above: Here is a petition that seems to have emerged since I asked this question:
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