Rage Against the Machine...auf Deutsch?
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Help me musically channel my impotent rage and improve my German language skills while I prepare my body for the Thunderdome.

I generally dislike exercise but found it pretty cathartic yesterday to pedal away at my exercise bike while crying and listening to RATM. I have already found these threads and will be exploring the additional angry music suggestions there, but I have been working on my bad German lately as a distraction and would like recommendations of similar music in german.

Musically and thematically RATM is the perfect mix of political anger and energy, but the rage does not have to be explicitly political. I am looking for not-racist, not-hateful, not-misogynistic music. Ideally the singing would be clear enough for me to understand (I really like Peter Fox and understand him well but he is too happy for what I need). Would especially love to listen to angry women. Genre is not important, I will listen to anything once.
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Einstürzende Neuebauten?
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Einstürzende Neubauten!
e.g. Was Ist Ist
Die Interimsliebenden
Yu Gung
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Nina Hagen!
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Some older KMFDM is in German.

Check out Oomph! -- I've only listened to one of their albums, but I liked it.
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Maybe a genre to look into for bands is Neue Deutsche Härte. Eisbrecher, for instance.

(Also, you should listen to Laibach, just cause anyone interested in rock in the German language should. Although Laibach are actually Slovenians.)
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The perfect KMFDM primer is Retro.

Neubauten are great - one of my top three bands of all time, in fact - but their stuff is pretty challenging, and often a bit too dynamic for exercising purposes. If you really want to give them a shot in this context, try the Strategies Against Architecture compilation. There are four volumes of SAA, each neatly encapsulating a different phase of the band, so if you like the first, you can move on to the other three.
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Classic German punk is what you might be looking for.
Slime - Yankees Raus!
The Buttocks - Vom Derbsten (EP 1980)
Vorkriegsjugend - Heute Spass, Morgen Tod (EP 1983)

Or maybe you're looking for more modern German punk/hc.
Stack - Selbstfindungsgruppe
Alpinist - Masakari (full split)
Jungbluth - Part Ache

Not German but perhaps this Danish ripper can help.
Amdi Petersens Armé - Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud På Film
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These two fantastic Toten Hosen songs: Walkampf and Zehn Kleine Jägermeister (the videos are ace too)
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Xmal Deutschland are more of a cold rage, really.

All female, clearly sung. Exercise-friendly fast repetitive beats.

Their first album is Fetisch. The second is Tocsin.
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