Advice for people in the US but not a citizen?
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I've seen a lot of advice for US citizens who wish to take care of their affairs post-Trump, but what are some useful measures for people in the US not as citizens (visa-holders, undocumented, Green Cards) to take care of themselves?

I've lived in the US as a visa-holder (student visa then OPT, also a myriad of tourist visas) but this was mostly during the Obama administration, so any advice I can give on that front will likely be useless. I was also lucky enough to be in a sanctuary city, which meant that my visa status wasn't used against me to get Obamacare or county health help.

What are some good measures that non-citizens in the US can do to make sure they're OK? I'd imagine the answers would be wildly different between various visa holders vs undocumented people vs Green Card holders, but there's the shared commonality of "we didn't vote for this but we have to live with the fallout", as well as some precarity over how political they can be or how much access to services & support they have.

Anything from healthcare to housing to money to marriage to finding social support to immigration concerns to law - what can those of us in those situations do?
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I'm on a 2 year green card, waiting for my 10 year green card to be issued (6 months and counting). I don't have any expert knowledge in this area, but I would just say that it's unusual for legislation to be retroactive, so if you're in the process of applying for something, or have been putting off applying for something, then do it now before anything changes.
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Biggest worry would be depending on what country one is from. Trump's 100 day plan includes canceling visas from countries who "won't take back" "illegal" immigrants. So it is possible that many people could be left without a visa even if they had one now. Other than citizenship, any visa status (even Permanent Residency) can be revoked legally.

How _likely_ is it? I have no idea. 100 Day Plans are usually full of extreme wishful thinking.
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