Anti trump rally
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I would like to join an anti trump rally..

We are not ones to flee the country or accept a racist, hate filled president. We have decided to stop being on the sidelines and start participating in peaceful rallies to show our lack of support for trump.

How do we find an anti trump rally one either in Seattle or Boston? Hopefully both as, although we live in Boston we are in Seattle right now and travel there frequently. How do we get on the mailing list and know about these rallies in advance for both cities. Thank you and stay strong.
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Facebook has been breaking out in local groups with such speed and fervor that FB is having to roll out group-management tools to handle them. You should be able to find what you need there.

Seattle has a large organized Black Lives Matter movement, they should be able to point you in a direction as well. You may also want to find the local SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) group, which is meant to be for white people to be allies but handle their own internal education and administration so as not to tax resources from front-line activist groups.
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I'm all for peaceful protest and getting ready for the long haul of fighting Trump's policies. But in light of that, I actually don't think seeking to attend specifically "anti-Trump" rallies are the best way of doing that.

Protests work when they have goals. Right now, Trump won the election, and all the rallies in the world -- especially hastily arranged ones -- aren't going to change that.

Get on the mailing lists of organizations and movements that are important to you. Donate, volunteer, organize, and come out in support of those causes. Don't burn yourself out going to ineffectual "losing elections sucks" rallies that are unlikely to build to anything since there's basically nothing we can do to prevent Trump from taking office.

Nthing Black Lives Matter. I just got added to a group hoping to build a coalition for a feminist march on Washington, so looking to women's groups and gender-related causes would be a smart thing to do. Planned Parenthood will probably need all the help it can get. There will probably also be new groups that will spring into existence as the Trump administration's specific policies become more clear. For example during the Bush administration, I did a lot of work with Not In Our Name, an anti-war group specifically created to protest the various wars Bush started.
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@Lynn-thank you, that was very helpful, already on quite a few. btw Seattle protest has swelled to 5000+, will join them soon.
@ sara. Thank you but I disagree. I am seeing many posts (by trump trolls, not saying you are but..) trying to discourage protestors but if it were not for protest, many would sadly be sitting at the back of a bus in the US. Please provide question specific answers.
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If you want to get on a mailing list, maybe your local antifa has one?
You might also want to see who on Twitter is reporting about your local protests.
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There was a rally happening on Boston Common as you posted this, actually! I found out about it through a coworker, and he found it through Facebook (I'm not on Facebook myself so I don't know how it got to him).

In general, though, I learn about these things through Twitter. If you start following even one or two activists with a decent following, you'll start to see lots of retweets and shared links and you can build a network from there.
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MoveOn has (had) events for tonight, and searching on Facebook for pantsuit nation + state/metro area will get you to a group that has more.
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LAist (part of the Gothamist network) usually mentions larger rallies and protests in L.A. I'm pretty sure there are Seattleist and Bostonist versions but I can't get to direct links right now.
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