dvorak? qwerty? Let's call the whole thing off.
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So, I've got quite a bit of gooey stuff on my the keyboard of my laptop. How do I get it off?

I recently attempted to teach myself to type with the dvorak keyboard layout. To facilitate this I put little white stickers on my keys (a sort of physical remapping of the keyboard). Now I've decided to just stick with qwerty. I've peeled off the stickers but a lot of the glue was left on the keys. What can I use to get it off? (Typing on a gummy keypad is off-putting.) Of course I don't want to damage the laptop.

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Isopropyl alcohol might do the trick nicely.
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Second the alcohol. That or goo-gone (that stuff is amazing). Just be careful not to get any of the liquid into the keyboard. If you do - don't sweat it. Just make sure it's unplugged, and let it dry before using.

Also, I need to use this thread as an excuse to use my favorite computer term: hand salsa.

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I'd try 409. Goof-off would certainly do it, but it's hella powerful, to use the vernacular. It might eat the plastic.
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Put some lighter fluid (Ronsonol-type) on a Q-tip and rub the goo. Make sure it doesn't remove the letters, too.
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Q-tip and either isopropyl (get as high a % as you can 90-99%) or lighter fluid (Ronsonol, Zippo - essentially, naptha). The naptha works better for gummy stuff while isopropyl works better for dried stuff.

Neither will damage the silkscreened/printed stuff on the keys.
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So, I've got quite a bit of gooey stuff on my the keyboard of my laptop. How do I get it off?

Sounds like you already did!


Sorry, couldnt resist. I second the goo-gone.
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I used WD-40 and Goof-Off to get masking tape residue off a keyboard. Also see other suggestions here.
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