photo of latinx democrats praying in texas
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My friend and I are trying to find a photo he saw on one of the many live blogs on Election Day. Despite our successful Google-fu track records, we're unable to find it. Can you help us?

The photo was of a group of Democrats holding hands and praying together in a circle. He thinks it was a Latinx group in Texas, and saw it around 1am PST. He's gone back to look at all the live blogs he was following last night, but it's possible he skimmed past it or he saw it from a different source. Thank you for your help!
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Because I like challenges such as this, I looked and looked but no joy. Sorry.
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@bz: thank you!! it means a lot that you looked and looked -- i'm sorry for the rabbit hole i may have sent you into. my friend went back into a searching frenzy and found it... on twitter.
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the query that worked
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Thank you for posting the query that worked. Banked for future query tuning. I have for years thought that query writing should be included in primary curriculum.
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