Good mechanic in San Francisco for Japanese sportscar (1995 300zx)?
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Hi! I've used both The Garage (recently) and John Gardiner Automotive (in the past, very $$ and can be slow) for repairs to my '95 300zx twin turbo, but I need some suspension work and am trying to find a new mechanic because The Garage wants to charge me nearly double the online price for parts and won't let me supply the parts myself. Also, I need to replace the antenna mast, which is a widely available $45 part, but they're saying they can get only the full motor for $500 from their distributor.

Money is tight, so I'm hoping to find someone without such a big markup. I know it's a long shot, but any suggestions for a San Francisco mechanic who knows this car? It's notoriously tricky to work on, and I'm crossing fingers and toes I can find someone else with experience. Thank you!
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Model Garage on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley has a good practice in 90s imports and will probably let you sort out the parts.
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They look fantastic but don't work on Nissans. :(
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Have you considered reaching out to ZONC, Z Owners of Northern California?
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I'll check them out, thanks...
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