makeup shopping in Philadelphia
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I need to replenish my makeup supply, and don't want to do this through trial and error. Where should I go in Philly to have someone who knows what they're doing tell me what to buy?

If it matters, I'm aiming to camouflage my terrible skin and look professional, without getting into an elaborate routine. Significant bonus points for somewhere with actually non-toxic products (vs "natural " marketing).
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Sephora (17th and Chestnut) is always a good bet, since you can try on anything in the store and they take returns of used products. I've had good luck with their "SkinIQ" - it does color matching and they can filter by options like how much coverage you want, and try on several products until you find one that does what you want. They have a large selection. Also look into their skin care section - you can get up to 3 samples per in-store visit, which is a great way to try out different cleansing products without spending money to test things. And if you don't have success there, Ulta is a block away (and while less helpful, they sometimes have the same products for less cost). Plus Ulta has their bargain basement for clearance and more generic items.
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Plan at lease two trips. Your specific skin chemistry and preferences will affect how well a product works for you over the course of the day. So first you need to narrow down options with colour matching and generally suitable textures. Then you should ask them to apply some and leave. Wear for a few hrs. Only buy what you like a few hrs in.

Also consider that your skin care regimen will make a difference as does how you like to apply things. A foundation that works well after the person at the counter has applied it with a sponge may look and behave differently if you apply with fingers or a brush.
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