Have you applied before? How to answer.
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Govt. job requires background check, how to be truthful without looking bad.

Applying for a govt job and made it to required background check asks if I've applied before and status of that application. I did apply 2 years ago for a job in the same field but never heard back? I obviously do not want to lie and I feel that they'll judge me on the fact I applied before. How to answer status of application?
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Seems to me that you'd say you applied before.
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That is not the question, I did say I applied before it is how to answer 'status of application'.
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Generally government jobs are in pretty high demand. There shouldn't be any stigma in saying you didn't get it... Especially since you now have 2 additional years' experience.

Neutral but clear: "Unsuccessful"
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I would say, "Pending." Given the glacial pace of government hiring, two years of no response is not clear evidence that your application was rejected.
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You applied at usa jobs but never heard? When I've applied (dozens of times) if you don't get the application right you'll know right away. Missing transcripts gets the application rejected back. Answering the questions and getting everything right means you get a score and make a list or don't make a list. Making a list is no guarantee that you'll get called for an interview. They ain't calling you. What are the choices? You weren't hired, you didn't get the interview or the job. Unsuccessful sounds fine.
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Making a list is also no guarantee that the position will be filled.
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