Can't access Thai-registered LINE account with Chinese SIM
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How do I use Thai-registered LINE account with a Chinese SIM?

I registered my LINE account in Thailand, using a Thai SIM. I am now in China using Chinese SIM.
I seem unable to access my LINE account while using my Chinese SIM. Will it only work using the Thai SIM I had when i enrolled?

OK, I'm no tech giant but it seems to me many of us must switch SIMs often enough. I have to believe there's a way to use my LINE account in countries other than the one in which enroled.

Advice, recommendations? Thanks.
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I have a Thai Line account that I use with different SIMs outside of Thailand. E.g. two weeks ago I popped a Cambodian SIM in my phone and it worked. When I first opened the app it asked me if the new phone number was now the new number for the Line account. Not sure why that didn't happen for you though (guessing it didn't from your question).

Line support might help. You can send an inquiry via a form on the website.
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Your SIM isn't the problem, your location is. LINE is blocked by the Great Firewall. You'll have to switch over to a messaging program that's government approved, like WeChat or Whatsapp.
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@C^3: I use an industrial-strength VPN and think that should break the Wall; whaddya think?
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